Saturday, April 24, 2010

Query Letter 1st draft

Dear Diary,
Today I wrote the first draft of my query letter. I'm pitching an idea to a magazine about dieting. I've done some research on query letters and I know more now than I did a month ago. My letter needs to stand out among the pile that sits on the editors' desk. With that in mind there are many articles out there about weight loss; so I have to figure out a way to breathe new life into the subject. That's the current challenge. In my query letter I guess I should include some facts and statistics about dieting and women's health. Hmm, this might not be such a major challenge after all. I could do some research on dieting to find a creative spin.
          One blog I read spoke of how query letters is a "numbers game". They say the more letters you write and submit the better your chances of getting noticed. If this is true I know my first query letter probably won't get selected, but I'll be super excited once I mail it off. This is all brand new to me and that alone will be an accomplishment.
                                                                                                             Joi xoxo


  1. Honest and open post, what most of us feel and think but are too afraid to share. Thanks for sharing. Love the new blog.