Thursday, May 6, 2010

Networking and Coffee

Dear Diary,
 Today I went to one of my usual spots (Barnes & Noble) to sip, write and think. I was browsing through the magazines when a lady bumped into me, knocking my bag off  my shoulders. She quickly apologized and we both laughed it off as her clumsy mistake. After choosing 3 magazines I went into the Cafe' and took a seat. I sat right next to the lady (clumsy). I began flipping through my magazines when the lady noticed we both had chosen the same magazines. They were magazines about writing. I was super excited to meet someone with a similar passion as mine. She seemed to be happy to meet me as well. I asked if she was a writer, she followed up by saying yes and telling me a little about her freelance career.  She had been writing for a total of 12 years. And of course she had a few tips for me that I was more than happy to receive.
          She told me to find my niche and stick with it. Often times freelance writers can dabble in several different areas, never finding and perfecting their niche. She also said that regardless of what others may say there's plenty of money to be made as a freelance writer. By the end of our conversation she gave me her info and told me to call her if I had any other questions. I gave her my info as well, she's definitely one person I'll keep updated in my contact list.


                                       Joi xoxo